QINPU Audio Equipment Factory,which located in beautiful Guangzhou City,is an original and professional manufacturer of Hi-Fi amplifiers,speakers and home theater sets with 12 years' experience.
Since its inception, our factory has won many praises for its products. These include some famous amplifier the A-8000, the A-60, the A-80 as well as others. We have established a strong customer network with our precision workmanship, strong technical support and sincere corporate culture.
Recently, our latest mini Hi-Fi series products have gained a good reputation in multimedia and stereo markets for their excellent sound quality, which distinguishes them from other cost-oriented designs. The use of the best materials from IR, Panasonic, Motorola and Rubycon is a major factor in our success.
In this changing market, we stand firmly by our partnership with our customers; constantly provide outstanding audio products under our own trademarks “QINPU”,”CHPO” and “FLANG”. ODM and OEM enquiries are also warmly welcomed.
Background story of "QINPU" (means "music score" in Chinese language)

It was at the autumn festival in the year of Ding Chou (1997) when the bright moon hanging on the sky and Tan Kwai fragrance filling the air, local music lovers and I were gathering to drink tea and talk about all the heroes in Chinese history. The wisdom old man Wei Lao, who is known as an master of ancient music and instrument , after washing his hand and burning a joss stick, began to play the elegant old music pieces named  high mountain and running river  and then another named the roar of dragons in autumn river. The melody was so magnificent and touching that as if we could see rosy cloud flowing quickly over our heads. We eventually joined him by beating our porcelain cup with his rhythm.
Then we came close to look at his music score, it was a precious antique with good scent of old books.
Wei Lao told us the score was the earliest record of music from ancient time. On the score, one can come to realize the profound philosophy when he pay attention to the changes occured When the music symbol SHANG swift to YU, as well as when YING turns to YANG. Just as an idiom goes “to study the phenomena of all the things in order to acquire knowledge ”. So this music score has the power to mould one’s mind. Inherited from his ancestor, he has been keeping it as a secret and rarely showed to others, except those who are very knowledgeable.
I meditated for quite a while and was inspired gradually. Suddenly a deep understanding stroke me. I announced to all : “QINPU (music score)is as good as the brand for my products . Isn’t it a good idea?”
Corporate Culture
Man takes his law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from
Heaven; Heaven takes its law from the Tao. The law of the Tao is its
being what it is.
                                                                       ------------from Tao Te Ching
Qinpu men respect and advocate the order of nature. We are good at finding out the natural and original beautiful things from ordinary everyday life. We are willingly to follow law of nature.
Business Philosophy
We work hard constantly to produce excellent audio equipment for those people who have always been pursuing a high-standard lifestyle.
Design Philosophy for desktop Hi-Fi products
To listen quietly
The oneness of the five colors blind the eyes.  The oneness of the five tones deafens the ears.
----By Lao Tzu ,Tao Te Ching
This saying tells us that too much colour will confuse a man to
an extend that he can't tell which is the theme colour, just like
a blindman. While all kinds of sound mixed in a clutter will make
people feel tiresome and discomposed just like be deafened.
Therefore, we don't have to turn the volume to a maximum to sense the
feeling of so called "quake". We'd better to embrace clean and tranquil
music pieces to purify our heart and soul, as well as to mould the mind..
---------To reach a higher extent
To listen tranquilly
When Buddha watches at a drop of water, he sees 108,000 worms there.
------------------ Buddhism Hymn
A drop of water contains an entire world. No matter now large or how small the world is, it  includes all kinds of different things.
For the same reason, desktop mini hifi speakers and amplifiers has it all: sound stage, positioning, sound  density, sound  imaging, etc.
Bird singing, spring babbling, dragon roaring, tiger snarling all on your palm.
To listen closely
There's 60 cm between two speakers, listener's ears are also 60 cm away from the speaker. The 60 cm is quite vital. Whereby, as an old Chinese saying "From a small clue, we can  see what is coming."
-----Mini hifi equipments amazingly create big sound field.